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4Y Engine Nome

The 4Y Engine is specially manufactured and designed for the forklift. It is a very compact design that helps the user by offering excellent airflow via the chassis and the radiator to remove heat from the forklift. Because of the greater fuel economy of the 4Y engine Nome, the forklift operators spend little time and money filling up and more time meeting productivity targets. It is beneficial to both the environment and your business.

Our 4Y engine is one of the industry's best and longest-lasting forklift engines.  It is not only the cleanest engine in the business, but it really is one of the best in high temperatures. It is a high-performance engine that has also been designed with long-term sustainability to the environment. The emissions system of the 4Y engine filters hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide pollutants, allowing it to exceed federal EPA pollution requirements.

The 4Y Engine that you get at Forklift part sales in Nome might seem costly to you; however, we bet that it will pay you for the longest time. Year after year, we are being known as the number 1 when it comes to product quality. We promise you:

  • Excellent quality
  • High Value
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Safe and avoid emergency incidents

Forklift part sales are here with this efficient and robust 4Y engine at a very reasonable price in Nome. Contact us online or over the phone, and we'll assist you in purchasing the best 4Y Engine for your operational needs and budget.

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