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Forklift Mechanic Certification and Training Program Information

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Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved in Electric Forklift service.  

Session 1: Industrial Electronics for Electric Vehicles
"hand-on" seminar designed to establish a working knowledge of basic electric circuits and components found on all types of electric vehicles.  The emphasis is placed on learning effective troubleshooting techniques.  This session also provides the background for understanding Transistor and SCR motor controls.   

Session 2: Motor Controls in General & SCR Controls for Electric Vehicles
seminar designed to provide an understanding of the operation and troubleshooting of D.C. Motors, General Control Systems, GE SCR EV® Control System. Training includes operating principles, system features, and programming.

Session 3: "Hands-on" Troubleshooting Session SCR & Transistor Motor Controls
This portion of the seminar allows the participant to reinforce the classroom experience with real “hands-on” troubleshooting of the GE SCR EV® type control systems as well as the Transistor type controls. Techniques learned here will benefit the newcomer and the experienced technician alike. To accomplish this portion of the program faults are introduced into actual equipment.

Session 4: A.C. Transistor Controls Systems & Troubleshooting
seminar designed to give solid background in the operation and troubleshooting of transistor controls. The theory of operation is explained in a way that leads right into proper troubleshooting methods for all transistor controllers. Techniques developed here work for all systems. Hands-on troubleshooting session where faults are placed in available equipment, participants use procedures learned to troubleshoot the system.


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