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H20 Water Pump Douglas

There is no denying that water pump is the most important part that keeps the cooling system up and running on your Nissan Forklift.  It is made up of high-quality steel and offers greater value than any other alternatives available on the market. Overheating coolant leak and abnormal noise coming from water pump area are some of the common symptoms of failing water pump. There is where the need of a water pump comes into play to restore proper propulsion in the cooling system of the vehicle in the Douglas. This high-quality OEM replacement water pump features a high-flow design with heavy duty steel bearing to ensure reliability.

Function of H20 Water Pump Douglas

The major function of water pump Douglas in forklift engine cooling system is to put pressure on the coolant of the forklift engine to keep it running. Generally, a centrifugal pump is used on a forklift because of its small size, simple structure and large water output.  There are two methods of engine cooling- water cooling and air cooling. The former method is adopted by forklift engines.  The major purpose of the engine’s lubrication system is to reduce friction between parts, to dissipate excessive heat to permit the engine work with the most suitable temperature.

Some of the highlighting features of H20 water pumps in the Douglas are:-

  • These pumps have got the filtration efficiency that exceeds 99.97%
  • There is an outer net that use corkscrew spin design
  • These pumps possess a series of high precision American HV filter products to protect the engine.  This mechanism is used for heavy trucks
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